Window dressings

Roman Blinds Galore

Moving on to the next big project – thermal blackout roman blinds for a bay window.  You can see these in my previous post.

For some reason we hadn’t been able to successfully fit curtains in this bay window either by using the track already fitted or by fitting a new one so I decided it would be a great idea to make blinds.  I found some fabric on the John Lewis website in the clearance section.  I don’t know what it was called but it was only £4/metre so I jumped on it!  This is the main fabric.  Because of the symmetrical design of the main fabric and because I would need to cut off some of the pattern, I chose a different fabric for the side windows.  This was part of the same range so same colours but not quite as cheap.

The border came about because the fabric for the centre window wasn’t wide enough so I bought some coral fabric to put a border on.  I actually think this looks really good and just goes to show that even when things don’t go to plan, they can actually work out better!

Again I used a roman blind kit for this project.  The downside I found with this is that there is a gap at the top of the blind.  This could possibly be overcome by making sure the blind fits really snuggly into the space.  I found this difficult because the ceiling of the bay window is not level.  I do think in this case it would have been better to use the traditional method of attaching a piece of wood to the ceiling as this would have blocked out the light at the top.  The sun sets on that side of the house and it oozes through every tiny gap in the blinds (see photo) – even the stitch holes where the rod tape is sewn on!

The “Blackout” blinds

To that end I ended up making a huge ‘blind’, for want of a better word, which covers the entire bay.  This blocks out the light.  See below.


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