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Super King Sized Quilt…!

After talking to a friend about my new found love of sewing and making quilts (okay just two so far) she said she’d always wanted one and would I make her one for her bed.  The only snag – she has a super king size bed (6 foot wide).

Well the name of my blog says it all – I’m just Sew Ambitious, I couldn’t turn down this scale of challenge!  I found a pattern I thought would be fairly straight forward to make on the Accuquilt site.

There were several challenges with this quilt:

  1. Finding various fabrics which were the right colour for the quilt
  2. Finding space to work out which blocks would go where – I wanted to ensure that no blocks were repeated in each row.  See photo below for how I did this!
  3. Sheer size of the quilt!  Basting it was epic and I ran out of pins twice!  I think I now have 300 pins for basting.
  4. Quilting it.  The size of the quilt was quite daunting and I really am no good at free motion quilting so I opted to quilt in diagonal lines across the quilt.  This was actually quite effective.

I also didn’t have enough backing fabric so had to improvise.  The back of the quilt ended up a bit of a happy accident.

The photo above shows the finished quilt on my friend’s bed.  She is very happy with it.

Basting the huge quilt
The finished quilt on friend’s bed
Reverse of quilt

I loved completing this project.  I would love to do another on this scale one day.


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