Bags & Accessories

Another Oilcloth Bag

Having made one, I wasn’t put off making another. 

A friend and colleague had got another job so I decided to make her a weekend bag as a leaving present. I had seen the pattern for this in The Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam (a great book – it really is a bible for bag making!) and really wanted to make it.  She had made it in oilcloth too so I thought I would give it a go. 

I used a faux leather for the corners but my sewing machine didn’t like this at all so when it came to making the strap loops it gave up. It just couldn’t go through the required 8 layers of fabric even with a leather needle!  I couldn’t leave the shoulder strap off so I had to improvise the strap loops. 

There should also have been a front pocket but it looked so creased that I left that off too. And I forgot to put the bag feet on. And sewing the leather handles on was a nightmare! I did tell my friend that I didn’t think they would come off, even though they look like they might…

All in all, it looks nice.  I hope it stands up to a few holidays for her. 


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