Bags & Accessories

Laptop Bag

Yes!  Another bag…

I think I’m getting addicted to making bags…

This was another Lisa Lam creation and I just HAD to make it.  I did, however, decide to do this the day before going on [another] holiday and it took me a full day to do it, when I should have been packing…  I did take it with me on holiday but it stayed in a carrier bag because I was worried it might get dirty.  Not exactly what you want from a bag…

I loved making this bag and I would like to make another.  I love how you make all the different elements – the internal pockets and zips and the front flap and then sew it all together.  The only issue I had this time was the internal zip – I find it a struggle to sew this with the fusible interlining on the back of the lining fabric.  The zip just doesn’t seem to want to stay in the right place.  I also added a Velcro strap inside the bag to hold a charger cable because I was taking the laptop away with me.  This didn’t work out quite so well because it was a bit too long.  It does hold though.  I think it needed a little more thought before execution though.



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