Home furnishings

Christmas Make no.1

So now we’re up to Christmas 2016 and I’m still sewing! 

A quilt I was planning on making for my nanna became a cushion…

…because I couldn’t afford all the fabric I needed at the time. 

I think this is the butterchurn block. I was worried that the top looked very pale and washed out but when I added the purple border it really made it all come together. 

My nanna really likes it and has it in her bedroom so she thinks of me every time she sees it. (Sorry nanna…) 😉

The quilt I was supposed to make for her is currently in progress. Watch this space…

Bags & Accessories

Another bag attempt

This time no interlining apart from a bit of firm interlining as a bit of a base. I made this for the quilt friend who never seemed to have a bag on her when we went shopping (which everyone in the UK knows is a must these days).

This is a reversible tote. I also added a button on each side just because I’d bought a new sewing machine and it did one-step buttonholes which I wanted to try out. 

I do love these fabrics.

Incidentally, my friend still never has a bag on her when we go shopping…


Having a go at clothing…

After completing the mega quilt (!) I felt a bit bereft without a project in mind.  Although I don’t really have an interest in sewing clothes, I thought I would have a go – just so I could say I tried it. I tried to make a tunic top for my daughter.

I didn’t enjoy this process – mainly the overcasting around curved edges (how do you do that?!) And unfortunately I used one of her t-shirts as a template so, of course, the arms were too slim for the fabric.  She wore it once and then it started to come apart at the arm seams. 

I’m not sure I will have another go but you never know. 


Baby Quilt

This time I wanted to do something a bit simpler.  I had quite a few fabrics that I had hoarded from ebay so I set about making a baby quilt.  This was mainly 5″ squares with a large border.  It measures approximately …  .This isn’t yet finished because I decided to redo the binding.  It’s nearly finished but I haven’t sat down to finish the binding yet.

I keep thinking about it though.  When it’s finished it will be for sale so check out my shop.  Photo to come soon…