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Quick cushion

For my mum for mother’s day I literally threw together this cushion cover. She recently moved house and chucked out a lot of stuff in the process including her old Singer Sewing Machine (see my first blog) and some material she had had stuffed in a black bag for what smelled like 30 years.  I procured both of these items. 

The fabric had to be washed, dried, cut and stitched in the morning of mother’s day.  I actually can’t think of a better way to spend it. I also had to find out how to make piping. No zip or envelope back (not enough fabric) so I had to hand stitch to finish it. 

It’s lovely fabric though so I’m glad I rescued it. 

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The quilt that never was

So this is the quilt I was going to make for my nanna’s Christmas present. This is as far as I have got and I might now give up. 

The reason for my disinterest is that I have downsized this quilt top from an accuquilt pattern and I miscalculated the size of the parallelogram  (dark pink). They are too big and it makes a lot of unpicking and starting again with it. 

I think I will shelve this one for a while 😕

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My daughter spotted some fabric hanging over the bannister and said it was her “favourite”!   I asked her if she would like me to make her something, she said yes – an apron.  

As we all know, two year olds can be pretty fickle when it comes to “favourites” but she has been mentioning aprons for some time because she wants to help bake cakes (not something I do so frequently any more but I’ll indulge her).  She has helped me twice before with cakes and each time I just pegged a tea towel around her neck…

I set about making a template for the apron and kind of made it up as I went along.  I ordered some herringbone webbing in different colours so that my daughter could choose which one she wanted on the apron.  I bought red, light blue and beige.  When I showed them to her and asked her what colour she wanted, she said PINK!  Oh…

I opted for red because I thought it would look great.  I finished the apron and presented daughter with it.  She said “Not pink.  No like it”.  Mum is slightly disappointed here kiddo…

Anyway she wore it happily (see photo).  I then realised I’d made it a bit too short and I also had to put velcro in the neck strap because otherwise the front would have been quite low in order for it to fit over her head.

Oh, we were potty training as well…
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After Christmas my (mega quilt) friend came round to have a go at sewing. I didn’t really know what to give her to sew  (she was convinced she would sew her fingers together) but I did want to make a doorstop so we set about doing that. 

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to finish it (after a lot of faffing about and me not being very prepared) so I had to finish it off. 

Not the most inspiring but it’s done!

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Christmas Make no.2

Because my daughter is now at the age where she would not leave presents alone if they were under the tree, we had to hide them all. I got sick of looking at bare carpet underneath the tree so decided to make a dresden plate quilted tree skirt with some Christmas fat quarters I’d bought. 

I think I saw something like this on one of the Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorials. I do love Jenny’s tutorials. 

This didn’t take long to make and I was really pleased with the results although I do think it should have been a bit bigger perhaps. 

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Christmas Make no.1

So now we’re up to Christmas 2016 and I’m still sewing! 

A quilt I was planning on making for my nanna became a cushion…

…because I couldn’t afford all the fabric I needed at the time. 

I think this is the butterchurn block. I was worried that the top looked very pale and washed out but when I added the purple border it really made it all come together. 

My nanna really likes it and has it in her bedroom so she thinks of me every time she sees it. (Sorry nanna…) 😉

The quilt I was supposed to make for her is currently in progress. Watch this space…

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Super King Sized Quilt…!

After talking to a friend about my new found love of sewing and making quilts (okay just two so far) she said she’d always wanted one and would I make her one for her bed.  The only snag – she has a super king size bed (6 foot wide).

Well the name of my blog says it all – I’m just Sew Ambitious, I couldn’t turn down this scale of challenge!  I found a pattern I thought would be fairly straight forward to make on the Accuquilt site.

There were several challenges with this quilt:

  1. Finding various fabrics which were the right colour for the quilt
  2. Finding space to work out which blocks would go where – I wanted to ensure that no blocks were repeated in each row.  See photo below for how I did this!
  3. Sheer size of the quilt!  Basting it was epic and I ran out of pins twice!  I think I now have 300 pins for basting.
  4. Quilting it.  The size of the quilt was quite daunting and I really am no good at free motion quilting so I opted to quilt in diagonal lines across the quilt.  This was actually quite effective.

I also didn’t have enough backing fabric so had to improvise.  The back of the quilt ended up a bit of a happy accident.

The photo above shows the finished quilt on my friend’s bed.  She is very happy with it.

Basting the huge quilt
The finished quilt on friend’s bed
Reverse of quilt

I loved completing this project.  I would love to do another on this scale one day.

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Jelly Roll Quilt

My mum told me about a quilting tutorial on youtube by Melanie Ham.  My mum doesn’t sew but she said if she did, she would have a go at making a quilt.

So I watched a few tutorials and bought a couple of books.  Then I splashed out on a jelly roll which took me a while to track down because it was issued 2 years previously – Moda Fabric by Bonnie and Camille ‘Miss Kate’.  It was going to be a quilt for Kate’s room so I seemed only right that I had that fabric.  I really enjoyed sewing the lengths of fabric together.  What I didn’t enjoy was all the cutting!  Oh and trying to put together the different fabrics and spacing them out well!  As you will see, most of the fabrics are light apart from a navy blue and I did kind of end up with a lot of them at one end.  I did find this part of the process very difficult.

I also sewed the binding on quite badly.  With a machine.  It was my first attempt at binding.  Now I understand that it’s actually quite therapeutic to finish the binding by hand.

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Bean Bag

After buying quite a lot of material for the blinds I had some left over.  I have since seen this pattern back in John Lewis and it is their Little Home range, Birds and Buttons I found instructions online to make a beanbag.  As you will see, I think I was inspired to make this on because it was similar colours to the fabric I had left over from the blinds.  I think it took longer than 30 minutes to make but anyone who is used to putting zips in things will probably do this a lot quicker.  I also made a lining bag out of calico so that I could unzip the cover and wash it.  Obviously this added to the time it took to make it.

This was quite simple to make and I was really pleased with the result.  I would say the hardest thing was getting the polystyrene balls into the bag to go inside!!!  Also I over filled it so it was quite firm at first but it is softening up now.  My daughter does love to run and jump into it.  It is very comfy now and I sit on it next to my daughter’s bed to read her bedtime story.


John Lewis Little Home Birds and Buttons Bean Bag
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Chair Cover

We had bought a chair in a sale some time ago and it was in a green tartan fabric.  It wasn’t really suitable for a little girl’s bedroom so I bought some fabric on ebay and had a go at covering it.  It seemed fairly simple however the chair had a fixed cushion which meant that I ended up with fabric sewn together just tucked down the sides and back of the seat cushion.  This means that after some sitting on, it starts to ride up.  If anyone has any solutions to this, I would be very glad to hear them!