I heard about Beth Clarke‘s idea via Twitter for people to send her hearts to give out to people following the Manchester bomb attack.  I just had to do my bit.  I hope that no one else will have to experience anything like this.

So from the Midlands I am sending 22 hearts, which my husband and mum helped to make, with thoughts and love for those victims. It’s lovely to feel a part of the healing process and to feel connected in some small way. 

Life is so precious. Don’t waste it. 


Baby Quilt

This time I wanted to do something a bit simpler.  I had quite a few fabrics that I had hoarded from ebay so I set about making a baby quilt.  This was mainly 5″ squares with a large border.  It measures approximately …  .This isn’t yet finished because I decided to redo the binding.  It’s nearly finished but I haven’t sat down to finish the binding yet.

I keep thinking about it though.  When it’s finished it will be for sale so check out my shop.  Photo to come soon…