I bought my very own Sewing Machine.  I thought I would buy a Singer but after reading reviews of the Janome 2032 and it sounding great for a beginner, I bought it.  And I love it!  Mainly I love the fact that you can sew two pieces of material together and they STAY together.  It just feels so rewarding.  Even when you haven’t made anything.

I’m an impatient sew-er (okay I know that shouldn’t be hyphenated but otherwise it says sewer and I don’t want to be one of those…) though.  I must learn to be more patient and baste/tack hems and iron them, not just pin them, sew and hope for the best…  I also don’t want to waste anything so I don’t want to spend hours practicing on fabric which isn’t going to be used for anything, I want to make something!

I am probably a bit ambitious for a beginner with the projects I choose.  I would really like to hear about your projects – the ones that were probably way beyond what you had done before but you just had to do it.  Or at least give it a go, even if it ended up in the bin.