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Bean Bag

After buying quite a lot of material for the blinds I had some left over.  I have since seen this pattern back in John Lewis and it is their Little Home range, Birds and Buttons I found instructions online to make a beanbag.  As you will see, I think I was inspired to make this on because it was similar colours to the fabric I had left over from the blinds.  I think it took longer than 30 minutes to make but anyone who is used to putting zips in things will probably do this a lot quicker.  I also made a lining bag out of calico so that I could unzip the cover and wash it.  Obviously this added to the time it took to make it.

This was quite simple to make and I was really pleased with the result.  I would say the hardest thing was getting the polystyrene balls into the bag to go inside!!!  Also I over filled it so it was quite firm at first but it is softening up now.  My daughter does love to run and jump into it.  It is very comfy now and I sit on it next to my daughter’s bed to read her bedtime story.


John Lewis Little Home Birds and Buttons Bean Bag