I have seen lots of lovely tepees and wanted to have a go at making one.  We were decorating our daughter’s bedroom and the curtains, which, for some reason, didn’t fit the track properly, we’re going to be replaced with blinds. So the curtains were surplus to requirements.  I decided there was enough fabric to make a tepee and I found a book which had instructions on how to make it.  I was sewing until 1 o’clock in the morning…

It worked really well but I can’t get it to stay up!  I tried to tie string around the top but that didn’t help.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Also the doors at the front don’t meet and if they did, the tepee would be so upright, there would hardly be any room inside it.

I am happy with how it turned out though. Perhaps I’ll add a floor or extra bits on the doors later.

Tepee made out of old curtains